The Bösendorfer logo itself dates from the 19th century. Newly added are the 'B' in black (above) and gold (below), as well as the slogan, 'Der Klang, der berührt' (The Touching Sound).

The wholesale firm Glatz was founded in Vienna by Friedrich Glatz, the great-grandfather of the current CEO, in 1892. We designed the mackerel filet brand Ilias for Glatz’s food division. 


Bruno Weinberger founded his first piano dealership in Enns (Upper Austria) in 1991. Further piano-related projects soon followed, and today the name Weinberger resounds with the notion of the new and unusual. Weinberger's express goal is to imbue Weinberger pianos with a soul that makes them unmistakable – in keeping with Austria's great musical instrument tradition. The brand's development has made possible a deliberate variety within the product range, as the following examples reveal. Instruments in the music education sector are labeled 'Weinberger Education'. 


The piano that accompanies you through thick and thin … 


Nomen est Omen … 


Vision One entered the market in 2001 as the first Weinberger instrument. A vision come true … 


The 130 cm tall concert piano by Weinberger. The distinct brand names ('Education', 'Concert') are quick pointers to the respective instrument's intended application. 


Of interest here is the logo on the soundboard. In place of the usual name of the instrument is Bruno Weinberger’s signature, which vouches for the piano’s quality.


Much form—little content: This appears to be the current trend in graphic design. By contrast, design by FineStudios means that we project your corporate culture visually to the outside world as the most valuable content. Your values are promises to your customers, promises that want to be kept.