MAM is among the world's leading manufacturers of baby items. In fact, in the primary markets – the U.S., Finland, Scandinavia, Austria, Slovakia and France (in pharmacies) – MAM is market leader or number two. MAM's outstanding products are available for purchase on five continents. MAM is listed among the 500 fastest-growing companies in Europe (source: Europe’s 500 Listing). For MAM, we have created several brochures.
Wolfgang Hufnagel’s silver factory manufactures solid jewellery in a clear, timeless design for equestrians, original “trifles” such as silver horseshoe nails, horseshoes, bridles, etc., men’s and women’s accessories such as buttons, pins, belt buckles and personally engraved appliqués with riding crops, precious hip flasks, as well as silver cups.

We design numerous brochures for Bösendorfer—the renowned piano manufacturer from Vienna. 


Much form—little content: This appears to be the current trend in graphic design. By contrast, design by FineStudios means that we project your corporate culture visually to the outside world as the most valuable content. Your values are promises to your customers, promises that want to be kept.