In Trio, various combinations of sounds—trumpet, guitar, piano, vibraphone and bass—are considered compositionally and excitingly realised.

Alba Cruz Batista & Ikue Oss Kashiwa | Arias

The Upper Austrian Youth Jazz Orchestra has been a project of the Upper Austria Landesmusikschulwerk / Upper Austria Landesmusikdirektion for the past years. The orchestra is a 'gem' of the Upper Austria Landesmusikschulwerk.

Ikue Kashiwa’s debut CD, titled 'Studies'. 

Manfred Paul Weinberger founded a quartet in 2007." The quartet is a return to a small sounding body in which the music is sustained by qualities other than those demanded by my work for and with larger ensembles. This means reducing parameters to the compositions' fundamental musical ideas and embodying collective creativity." 

A real 'band' photo. Why do the musicians thank, among others, the Lower Austrian Vintners Association (»WinzerverBAND Niederösterreich«)? 


'Spirit Of Old Europe' – What does Europe have that American jazz does not (anymore)? Do Europeans play jazz in a way that's "more Catholic than the Pope"?


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