Photo database of over 1000 high resolution photos from the famous Bösendorfer piano company.


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TOPIC is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of doors. We designed their product catalogue.



Campaign for “Klimabündnis Österreich” for car-free day in the context of European Mobility Week 2016.

Bösendorfer Photo Database


Over the years, Bösendorfer has collected a valuable archive of photos that were to be published online. The requirements were great: The web database not only needed to handle extremely large file sizes, it also had to deal with special cases such as photos in CMYK mode. Programming: Grosch-EDV.


Much form—little content: This appears to be the current trend in graphic design. By contrast, design by FineStudios means that we project your corporate culture visually to the outside world as the most valuable content. Your values are promises to your customers, promises that want to be kept.