A comprehensive Content Management System for the long-standing Bösendorfer company.

Over the years, Bösendorfer has collected a valuable archive of photos that were to be published online. The requirements were extensive: The web database not only needed to handle extremely large file sizes, it also had to deal with special cases such as photos in CMYK mode. Programming: Grosch-EDV

Good News for all genuine Bösendorfer fans.

The Evotronik company of Upper Austria stands for mechatronic solutions of the highest calibre. 

It's seldom that a painter presents herself in such a reduced manner – Renate Rosenbauer continually changes and invents her image worlds anew. What stays the same is the frames …

The stamping and sign workshop Haslinger, located at Siebensternplatz in Vienna's 7th District, quickly, reliably and with maximum professionalism, creates everything from stamps to signage. 

Johann Weinberger Metallbearbeitung GmbH specialises in small batches and single component manufacturing. With a travel distance of 1800 x 1300 x 900 mm, all metals, plastics and stainless steel are milled with the greatest care and precision according to the customer’s design drawings.


Much form—little content: This appears to be the current trend in graphic design. By contrast, design by FineStudios means that we project your corporate culture visually to the outside world as the most valuable content. Your values are promises to your customers, promises that want to be kept.